At HoloGen, we empower education professionals and learners with innovative and creative workshops, consultancy, community based workshops and microlearning courses that are tailor made for your service. Our comprehensive training programs equip participants with essential digital skills, fostering a deep understanding of these emerging technologies to enhance upskilling and future-proof both new and existing teams.

Additionally, we provide seamless XR integration support, ensuring our initiatives remain impactful and relevant in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape. Partner with HoloGen to explore and transform your approach to cutting-edge technologies and education, paving the way for inclusive and wide-reaching educational, social, and creative programs.

It was great working with Barry/HoloGen on training our partners in taking first steps of using VR in Cities of Learning EU Network. Barry delivered 4 online sessions introducing us to VR opportunities. He also created Cities of Learning space on AltSpace and facilitated 3 VR sessions with our participants. Barry is a VR learning and training expert.

Nerijus Kriauciunas - Project Lead, Cities of Learning Project Lithuania

We’ve collaborated with the PowerU program in collaboration with SBX. My role in particular was introducing technologies that are prominent in the AEC industry. A big emphasis during PowerU was XR tech. As an example, we introduced the Microsoft HoloLens to students as well as Meta Quest VR (formerly Oculus) and introduced 3D design in both 2D and 3D learning environments. XR tech as a 21st-Century skill is, or will be, in high demand in the fields of AEC in particular and the goal of PowerU was to introduce students to these technologies to build interest in potential future careers.

Gustavo Madrigal, Director, Creative Tech Learning & Development, ListoAmerica, USA

Barry is a wealth of knowledge in the realm of virtual reality, and how it relates with youth programming. Over the last year, The Clubhouse Network has been working with Barry to build a global VR initiative across our network of 120+ youth serving organizations. Through his guidance, we’ve been able to develop a VR model for afterschool programs across the globe, which includes ongoing professional development for educators, youth-focused activities, and the global distribution of 400 Meta Quest 2s across 19 countries. The connections we’ve made through HoloGen have provided TCN the opportunity to partner with new educators from across Europe and the USA. We’re eternally grateful for Barry’s partnership and look forward to expanding our reach in the coming years. This is only the begining!

Stephanie Rosario Rodriguez, Clubhouse Community Manager, Technology Clubhouse Manager, USA

“Virtual Reality is totally irrelevant to my business” is typical of a statement I fully agreed with a few months ago before collaborating with HoloGen. Barry and his colleagues designed a simple and practical working model to bring my business into the VR marketplace. Now I can say “obviously VR will impact on all our lives just as e-commerce has done over the past 30-years.” Having a ‘Virtual Reality’ presence is essential, HoloGen indispensable.

Ciaran Walsh - CEO, The Dog Internet, Ireland

Working with Barry has been a total privilege. His depth of knowledge of how VR can be applied to social care and other settings is extremely comprehensive. He has guided us through every step of the process of setting up a VR project for young people and is incredibly generous with his time. He has a real understanding of both youth work and immersive technologies and his passion for the work is infectious. Barry’s work is truly pioneering, and we feel exceptionally lucky to have the opportunity to work with him. For anyone who is in any way unsure about VR, Barry will show you the massive potential for VR to offer safe, connected and meaningful spaces. We actually cannot recommend Barry highly enough.

Kate Bluett - Project Lead, EPIC Ireland

Harnessing Emerging Technologies

With over 3 billion gamers globally, digital engagement is evolving rapidly, particularly among young people. HoloGen collaborates with organisations across the EU, UK, and USA to equip professionals and students with the skills to better understand the fundamentals of emerging technologies and effectively utilise multi-user digital platforms and immersive technologies like VR. These technologies are vital for engaging a digitally fluent audience and offer innovative solutions for learners facing challenges such as rural isolation, disabilities, or anxiety. By harnessing the power of immersive technologies, we create impactful learning experiences to fit with future proofing your organisation’s impact.


Our consultancy specialises in equipping professionals in the education, youth, and social sectors with a solid understanding of emerging technologies. Our training programs are designed to introduce and explore the fundamentals of cutting-edge technologies such as AI, VR, AR, and blockchain. We emphasize practical insights on how these technologies are revolutionizing interactions, enhancing educational methodologies, and transforming social work practices. Our goal is to prepare professionals to integrate these innovations effectively into their work, driving forward-thinking practices and fostering impactful change in their fields.


HoloGen provides a comprehensive suite of services designed to enhance your education and youth work team’s understanding of emerging technologies, digital innovation, and STEAM activities. Our offerings include customised consultancy and training, from one-off half-day sessions to medium and large-scale projects. These services are tailored to support you in grasping the fundamentals and applying these technologies effectively.

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