Holo/Gen transformed my attitude to VR and its potential uses in education. Despite being quite comfortable with a variety of technology-supported learning environments I was a little intimidated by the idea of moving into the VR space. Thanks to the structured support, enthusiasm and expertise of staff in Holo/Gen this initial hesitation was replaced by a real enthusiasm for this vibrant and dynamic new way of teaching and learning. I am looking forward to new learning adventures with this fantastic technology and I know Holo/Gen will be there to support and challenge me at every stage of the journey.

Joe O'Hara, Professor of Education at Dublin City University, President, European Educational Research Association

Barry is a wealth of knowledge in the realm of virtual reality, and how it relates with youth programming. Over the last year, The Clubhouse Network has been working with Barry to build a global VR initiative across our network of 120+ youth serving organizations. Through his guidance, we've been able to develop a VR model for afterschool programs across the globe, which includes ongoing professional development for educators, youth-focused activities, and the global distribution of 400 Meta Quest 2s across 19 countries. The connections we've made through Holo/Gen have provided TCN the opportunity to partner with new educators from across Europe and the USA. We're eternally grateful for Barry's partnership and look forward to expanding our reach in the coming years.

Stephanie Rosario Rodriguez, Knowledge Manager at The Clubhouse Network, Boston USA

Gus from the ListoAmerica Clubhouse has been collaborating with HoloGen on the potential uses of VR environments as it applies to the Clubhouse Learning Model. In particular we are exploring VR activities and platforms that lend themselves to empowering youth to be creators with VR tech rather than consumers.

Director, Creative Tech Learning & Development at LISTOAMERICA, Los Angles USA

“Virtual Reality is totally irrelevant to my business” is typical of a statement I fully agreed with a few months ago before collaborating with Holo/Gen. Barry and his colleagues designed a simple and practical working model to bring my business into the VR marketplace. Now I can say “obviously VR will impact on all our lives just as e-commerce has done over the past 30-years.” Having a ‘Virtual Reality’ presence is essential, Holo/Gen indispensable.

Ciaran Walsh, Founder CEO The Dog Internet

Working with Barry has been a total privilege. His depth of knowledge of how VR can be applied to social care and other settings is extremely comprehensive. He has guided us through every step of the process of setting up a VR project for young people and is incredibly generous with his time. He has a real understanding of both youth work and immersive technologies and his passion for the work is infectious.

Barry's work is truly pioneering, and we feel exceptionally lucky to have the opportunity to work with him. For anyone who is in any way unsure about VR, Barry will show you the massive potential for VR to offer safe, connected and meaningful spaces. We actually cannot recommend Barry highly enough.

Kate Bluett, Participation Officer, EPIC Ireland

It was great working with Barry/Holo/Gen on training our partners in taking first steps of using VR in Cities of Learning Network. Barry delivered 4 online sessions introducing us to VR opportunities. He also created Cities of Learning space on AltSpace and facilitated 3 VR sessions with our participants. Barry is a VR learning and training expert.

Nerijus Kriauciunas, Project Lead, Badgecraft

Barry and I started working together on a VR education for sustainability project this year. Our aim is to bring climate literacy and sustainable education to classrooms all over the world and most importantly to young people that for various reasons can’t make it into school. Barry has a wealth of knowledge and is extremely creative and dedicated to his work. I am really excited about the development of this project and working alongside Barry as he endeavors to bring education to young people everywhere.

Sue Adams, Founder of Education for Sustainability

Barry has been leading the way in the use of immersive technologies in youth participation and education. In his years of experience running immersive technology (change to VR focused if you want to, just wasn’t sure if you wanted to keep it broad) focused projects with young people, he has developed a much sought-after skill set and knowledge base. Barry has creatively used the available platforms to develop safe and secure approaches to working with young people- approaches which prioritise relationships, inclusivity and fun! I was lucky to be introduced to Barry in 2021 through a professional networking event which he presented at. Our organisation and its youth participation in VR projects have benefited so much from his skills, experience, and generosity with his time. Our projects wouldn’t be where they are today without him.

Barry, in his dedication to sharing his skills and supporting others, has created a network of professionals who are passionately committed to developing ways of working with young people in virtual environments and harnessing the potential of the technology to reach and engage young people. In my experience of seeing Barry working with young people, I have observed how well he is regarded- he is adaptable, empathetic, sincere, and good fun! (if it feels too long- feel free to take out this para)

Barry’s vision, creative flair, passion for collaboration, experience and total dedication make him the go-to-guy for anyone seeking to develop approaches to working with young people in virtual environments (again feel free to change terminology here if something fits better). We at Inspiring Young Voices view our continuing collaboration with Holo/Gen as being totally invaluable to the future of our projects.

Alix Anderson, Digital Participation Officer at Inspiring Young Voices